1. I was "around" during that time and I really don't remember if I was "around" for you as much as I might consider being today. We were a few houses down and I felt your pain. I felt Jon's pain. I can't believe you could attend my son Davis' 1st b'day party holding your head up after you had just lost your Noah. I didn't want you to feel not included, but honestly can't say that I would have been able to do that myself. You have ALWAYS been a SuperSandy in my eyes.
    Seeking, almost begging, for God's guidance is an amazing message and I appreciate you sharing that with us today.
    Love you all very much!

  2. Your willingness to be transparent and share the "good, bad, and ugly" with all of us is a testimony to the fact that you "GOT" the message of loving God and other people. Your life is a testimony of God's redemptive power and His desire and ability to give "beauty for ashes!" You, my precious Sandy, are a blessing!

  3. Great post and your sharing it so honestly with us shows your trust and love for God. Thank you. This is the first time I have come to your blog and will return. Thanks for the reminder in how we are to act and treat others.

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