1. I soooo needed to read this today. If you ever wonder if your posts are worthwhile, don’t. I believe that God directed you to repost this today for me. And maybe a few others. I know for sure for me. I have been crying out to God this week and hearing nothing. The details don’t matter, but I have been so frustrated by the deafening silence that I have begun to wonder about my whole relationship with God. Thank you for the post.

    If you remember with your busy schedule, I’d appreciate a prayer on my behalf,even if it is only for the strength to keep waiting.

  2. Certainly this is a great encouragement for those times we are waiting. Our perspective is limited although we act like it is not at times. We think we know what is going on. What we know is so little at times. It is hard to realize that in the midst of waiting. It is hard to view that our waiting is actually work and that other things my be going on that necessitate it. Trust the one who holds us in His hands is something we should think more on as we get tired of a seemingly worthless wait. Oh that we realize our lack of vision does not mean there are not things to comprehend and see.
    Great post

  3. What a lovely post. I’m not sure where you want your ministry to go, but right now in this moment you have ministered to me. Thank you for that.

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