1. Oh, Scoop… I was so judging another mom last Saturday morning. We were volunteering at a fun run and she came to the playground with a VERY serious and unhappy look on her face. She loudly called for her child.
    In my head I was thinking: “Chill out lady, this day is supposed to be fun and raising funds for others that don’t have their kids in private school.” and say to her: “You look pretty upset.”
    Thank goodness for restraint of tongue!!!
    She couldn’t find her daughter. Fast forward four minutes and the place is a buzz with activity including all parents/participants/volunteers/other children on the hunt… and the 2 girls were: playing together in the porta potty. (First: relief. Second: gross!)
    My point is, judgement rushes into my brain when I don’t know what another mother is going through… I need to remember that!
    I hope for the same mercy from mom’s that see me when I’m not at my best!

  2. Funny, funny, FUNNY!! (Sorry that my joyful laughter and unadulterated glee was at your expense of course, but you offered!) I know at each of these times you were horrified and felt like the worst parent in the world and was secretly praying a neighbor or family member wasn’t dialing 911 behind your back to turn your butt in to child services. I have many moments of my own. My daughters are now ages 20 and 16 and I have plenty of stories to share with them for when they make their own “parenting blunders” someday with my future grandchildren….some day better be quite a few years down the road, too! (Just sayin’). I’m hoping my stories will help to minimize their own sick, sinking feelings that “they weren’t cut out to be a Mom” when something inevitably happens to make them feel this way. It’s how we learn, it’s how we grow as parents and we always have to thank the mighty Lord above that the situation wasn’t much worse when we know in our hearts it could have been. Thanks for the laughs! This made my day! ~~Sharon

  3. Oh and one quick story: One time when Victoria (the now 20 year old) was only about 6 months old, I left her infant carrier car seat at the top of my hallway stairs to run back into the kitchen to get my purse and in my haste to retrieve it, turned around too quickly, kicked the car seat and sent Victoria plummeting down about 7 or 8 steps full speed! She never got a mark on her even though she landed upside down on the marble landing!! Lesson Learned: Infant Car seats really DO keep your baby safe even if you, yourself, don’t.

    1. I’m so glad I made you laugh. Goal accomplished. And I literally let out a “GASP” when I read that your baby tumbled down the steps! Oh my word!!! How scary! Thank God she was okay.

  4. I know that many of these “great moment in parenting acts” really aren’t “funny” but I am laughing hysterically because I have been there. The last one was the best! Thank you for the laughs!!

  5. Haha!! Love it!

    When Ryan was about 1 I dropped him. On his head. Yup. We were leaving the doctor and it was raining. Hard. I was holding him and running across the wet parking lot. In sandals. My feet started to slip around and I started to fall forward and I lost my grip on him. I could feel him falling and knew I would drop him. I saw the patch of grass across the parking lot and willed myself to make it to the grass before I went down. I didn’t make it. The teensy tiny bright side: I just scooped him up and ran right back into the doctors office. He stitched him up (didn’t even need freezing because it was so soon after the fall that the swelling numbed the area) and laughed. His laughter helped…a lot..no judgment, just laughter. I wasn’t a horrible mom, I just had an accident.

    It took me 2 years, TWO YEARS, to potty train Noah. I was so traumatized that I waited until Ryan was almost 4 before taking him out of pull-ups.

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