1. Great thoughts.

    And Prell is apparently still available. At Walgreens (Prell Classic), CVS. and Amazon (Prell Original). But it just doesn't look the same in a modern bottle instead of the squeezable tube like toothpaste.

    Hadn't thought about it in years, but that was what we used when I was a kid!

  2. Sandy, I think you've hit on something really important here. in this day and age, we tend to treat God like we treat anything else–with quick snippets. But a holy God demands so much more. I'm glad you reminded us of that.

  3. These were great words! I especially liked "God will see to it that I am equipped to complete every single thing within His will for me." This is a something I have just recently been reminded of also…our daily earthly obligations will never be completed, so turning it over to Him, and focusing on Him, we will do just as you wrote…complete every single thing within His will. How liberating is that!! But I still need to be reminded of it daily as deadlines zoom.

    I remember Prell in a green bottle with a fake pearl in it to show how thick it was and how "thick and luxurious" it would make your hair….

  4. Welcome back girl! I can so relate! I need a wake-up call every now and then to draw closer to God. It seems like the easiest thing in the world to get distracted and busy and before I know it I traded that special intimate relationship for a watered down "twitter" version:)

  5. Oooops! I'm having an extra blond moment. It was actually not Tony (some mysterious new guy) posting the above comment, but just me, forgetting to log out of my husband's account! Sorry:)

  6. oh my friend – this was one amazing post. Too often, twitter talk with our Lord is too near and dear to my heart. What a great reminder…especially when I go right now and log into Twitter (cuz I do get it, but not really Facebook as much…hee hee).

  7. Hey Sandy,

    Welcome back and thanks! I can totally and completely appreciate where you were, where you are at and look forward to joinning you on where you are going…

    Prell… They still make that stuff? I always wanted my mom to buy Agree. I thought it smelled so good.

  8. Thank you, Sandy. I had been struggling with the same thing. Your plan is perfect and a great reminder for me. Thanks.

    Pat S.
    Lago Vista, TX

  9. I love how gentle God is with us. "I miss you" will melt your(my) heart faster than a 1000 "You really should spend more time with Me"'s. He's so good.

  10. As usual another great post. First of all, I have twitter, but I never "tweet". I don't get it either.

    Secondly, I LOVE facebook (I will be sending you an friend request). I started last summer when I was looking to do a High School Youth Group reunion.

    Thirdly, I have noticed myself "tweeting" to God too. Or start praying and my mind start wondering to other things. Doing it in mornings would be a great thing for me, so I'm going to start doing that.

    It wasn't until this pasted Sunday when I sang a special that I felt God plucking at my heart. I have actually posted me singing this very song on my blog. But all in one Sunday I vowed to open my heart completely and spend more time with him in prayer, as well as signed up to teach the 3-5 year old classroom. I feel him reaching for me, and the "static" is starting to clear… It is SO refreshing!

  11. Thanks for sharing this awesome message with all of us today. It really hit home, as I was feeling that I needed to spend more intimate time with Him…Our lives get so crazy and sometimes we forget. I especially love the part about how He gently woos us back to Him…Isn't He awesome!

  12. OK – before I go back and read the second half of your post I just have to say…



  13. I totally don't get twitter…at all but I get at least ten emails a day from people asking me to tweet with them.

    As far as God missing me…that's where I've been lately. Can't be here and there at the same time, know what I mean?

    Praying for your mornings, sweet friend.

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  15. Great post, Sandy. Very tongue-in-cheek, and a good reminder not to let distractions get in the way with real relationships with God and others. I also don't get Twitter, and refuse to join it. (I also rarely visit FB.) One thing I'm excited about is that starting from July, I will be making a longer drive to work, which means I get a longer one-on-one prayer time. Can't wait!

  16. Ouch!!!

    time and commitment…

    oh, how I love sleep, yes I do!

    alarm clock, people use those? I've been convicted about sleeping in and letting my 2 year old wake me up… okay, okay, I get it. Use the alarm clock.

    BTW… I DO get FB!!! Want to be "friends"??? We can keep each other accountable with the alarm clock! :o)
    Don't update your status too early, I'm on Mountain time!

    Thanks for the heart check.

  17. Hi Sandy,
    I have been on your blog many times and have been deeply touched by your story and your series on depression. So moved, and feeling so badly for struggling myself, with trials so much smaller than what you have endured. I couldn't even comment. Thank you for this post. I needed to hear it!
    And I don't "get" twitter, either, and Facebook seems very similar in many ways. I love the blog world because it seems "Deeper", although it is mostly people you don't even know. Kind of a strange reality!
    Anyways, thank you for your comments on my blog. You have really blessed me.

  18. Hi Sandy,
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    Keep up the great writing…

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  19. This is a wonderful analogy and beautifully written. I am a ministry twitterer and a ministry facebooker, so I understand it perfectly. Without my deep, face to face time with the Lord, everything else is just meaningless, but when I'm walking connected with Him, in deep fellowship with HIm, I enjoy twittering with Him throughout the day too. I love to talk to Him all day long to keep my mind on Him.

    Without that bond with Him, however, my short conversations with Him seem empty.

    What great thoughts to chew on…

  20. This is an awesome post. I'm new to Facebook and I don't get Twitter either. But I totally get this post. I just sent you a Facebook Friends request. : )

  21. You said it, "true intimacy with God requires time and commitment".
    It's so easy to allow the daily events to interfere with that precious time.

    BTW, I do twitter in spurts. It actually helps from a work related way. I am able to communicate and get feedback on things. And I can connect and follow people who I want to eventually have a real relationship with, not personal but professional. I've found consultants to work with through twitter. I can ask a question of many social media types and they actually answer me directly.

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