1. NO……Bless YOU! And thank you for posting this so I read it exactly when I needed it…. That’s also God. “I know where my help comes from….” :o)
    Love, Sharon

  2. I always love your posts no matter what. Since I am self centered and want to read more, how about this? Post your notes from your Bible study group. Maybe that won’t cut into your margin.

    1. Yeah, that would make sense. It’s hard to explain, but my Bible Study brain and my Blog Post brain are two different things. Like, the Bible Study Brain is the organized brain that thinks in outlines. The Blog Post brain is artistic and creative and thinks in creative sentences and pictures. Also, the material for the Bible Study is largely from my Blog…so you’ve mostly already seen all the material.

      I’ll see if there is a way to get double duty out of the Bible Study, though. There must be a way that won’t be so hard. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the updates on everyone! Doesn’t seem possible that your adorable little lizard-loving Rebekah is so grown up!
    I was also going to suggest you combine Bible study and blog. I would LOVE to hear your teaching! Tulips not required and I’ll make my own coffee!!
    Hope you guys are all better!

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