1. Girl, progressive lenses are the best!! I recently took my google calendar and incorporated it with my happy planner. It’s just nice to see my week at a glance etc. And yeah baking soda is the bomb. Have you discovered essential oils? 10 drops with about a cup or water or vodka (i know weird but my sister says she saw something on Dr. OZ.) and you can spritz freshness without toxins.

  2. I LOVE our Google calendar. The same as you, I love being able to make appointments right there on the spot. As a substitute teacher, my kids can see where I’m working so they know which classroom to go to after they’re done with school. I still keep a paper calendar in our kitchen as well. Sometimes I just want to find something at a glance instead of finding my phone and looking there.

  3. I love my new way of eating. In July I started the 21-day bone broth diet by dr kellyann. Now in the maintenance phase, I’m still ‘on’ it and feeling great and looking amazing with 7pounds of fat off my body! It’s do-able and delicious.

    I too love those bifocals. Started the iPhone calendar for the same reasons as you. And will now start using baking soda. Thank you!

  4. I switched to the iPhone calendar about a year ago and we never use paper anymore. The reason – I found out I could suscribe to the school calendar and to Team Snap (the app our hockey teams use) and it would automatically update all the things! Games, practices, chip day, meet the teacher night, fall break. All on my calendar without me having to do ANYTHING! Amazing!

    I love right now – Drumheller Alberta. Dinosaur Country. We are here for a hockey tournament. It’s November but there is zero snow and it is lovely weather. The hoodoos and the beautiful scenery with the layers of earth, the cute dinosaur statues all over town. It’s a pretty place. Plus it’s cool knowing that there are dinosaur bones hiding beneath the earth all around me, right now! Makes me feel small. In a good way.

  5. I’m happy that the progressive glasses are making life easier for you. I bet your purse is a lot less cluttered, since now you only have to carry around one pair of glasses. The less “stuff” we have to worry about frees up our mind to focus on the people we love in our life.

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