1. Sister…I have found that in God's silence…He IS speaking. His silence is beckoning ours…He's drawing us nearer…so that we might quiet ourselves, lean closer to Him, and listen more intently. I would say…from the sounds of it…the Spirit is about to move mightily.
    Love to you!

  2. There are times when we need noise because we are uncomfortable with silence. Sort of like the radio in the car when we are traveling with people because we "feel" someone should be saying something. Isn't it wonderful when you can just sit with someone, not say anything, not have the radio on and everything be just fine?

    And then again, perhaps God is just setting the mood of silence so that He can speak.

    I had a breakthrough yesterday. God continues to speak and loudly. I am "getting" His grace is sufficient. I was sitting and listening to a teaching by James McDonald on the subject — I mean, you really can't plan this stuff. My understanding of God's grace being sufficient has expanded. God yesterday gave me the grace to live in my current circumstances. And that grace was demonstrated in perseverance, strength, courage, creativity, encouragement, joy, compassion, and hope.

    Sometimes, God is not about answering our prayers so that we can get out of the "fire" but so that He will deliver us "through" the fire. And God's grace is that Divine ability (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me) to go through life with the delayed response, unanswered prayer, the "no", the "maybe".

    I realize this is just the tip of the iceberg but I am glad that I asked the question and that He is answering.

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