1. Sandy,
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your blog. I can hear your voice, relate to your thoughts, and enjoy growing in the Lord with you.
    Thank you.

    Donna (who you met at this year's writer's conf in Denver)

  2. Oh Sandy, I love this so much. This is so practical, so helpful. It's true, God doesn't ask us to sit in a closet all day and pray. He just asks us to take Him along with us as we do whatever we do. What a great reminder and an EXCELLENT post.

    Hey, we don't live too terribly far from Western Michigan (hint, hint!). 🙂 Good luck finding a room. There's a reason MI is so busy at this time of year–it's beautiful and fun!

  3. Ok for the FIRST time i could link with you, for what God's been telling me lately, especially in church… couldn't share until now!

    GOOOOOOOD luck with staying somewhere but I was thinking, why didn't you take a tent with, then you could camp?? Thats cool too!!

  4. Wow, you read my mind today. We are supposed to be leaving for our family vacation today. Only my kids have been sick all week. I am so worn out from taking extra care of them and I have been looking forward to this all summer. I really need to set my heart on things above today!

  5. Love the practicality of this list. I can hold it up as a plumb line and actually see how I measure. "Thinking on things above" is a little hard to visualise. This helps. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy your vacation.


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