1. I went through the same "which diet plan to follow" thing in January 2008 and ended up with the same conclusion you did.
    And I lost 20 or so pounds from Jan 2 to April.
    Looking forward to reading about your plan.

  2. I also had a birthday this week and was on vacation! (We were in Michigan which is maybe where you were??) Much ice-cream and heavy eating ensued….I don't feel guilty either (not too much, anyway) because it was a great time and I exercised ALOT! I felt like I could walk for hours – did some running too.

    That said, I know I have issues with sugar consumption. I have a hard time not eating/craving it. I still don't know what the answer is because I feel like if I never have it that would be good for me, but yet, how practical is that for life in general? (i.e., birthdays, holidays, special events) I would be glad to hear what you think – ideas, etc.

    Cannot WAIT to see/read the new blog!
    Blessings on you and your laundry,

  3. I absolutely cannot wait to see what you have to say. Please, please launch on Monday. I'm in the same place you are and feel I've met a kindred spirit, having just found your blog.

  4. Listen here MA'AM!
    I weighed close to 100kg, I don't know what that is in pounds now though, sorry.
    And I have lost 15 kg. My goal is to reach 80 kg, so i have 5kg to go.
    And My secret is yoga, I love it and I am the laziest person alive, also probably the youngest fat person to weigh close to 100! BUT NOT THE POINT

    On the plus side I am really looking forward to the fitness blog! I will so be joining!!! 🙂

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