1. Great post…..sometimes I feel so guilty that I'm not doing more for the world at large, but motherhood takes about all I've got. It's good to be reminded of our importance and how it really is such a short season in the big picture of life. Now, off to shed some tears and make some lunch……:)

  2. This post is so dear to my heart. Thursday I am flying to Chicago to spend 2 weeks with our daughters. As parents we invested heavily in them, and they bring us so much joy. When you are in the midst of it, you can't possibly picture this stage . . . but it is coming, and faster than you'll ever think possible. Blessing on you young moms. Invest well. And I agree, there is no perfect way to do that. I love your example here, Sandy. Listening to God's voice led you to the proper parenting for that day.


  3. So many messages being said to me. God has been very "verbal" shall we say over the past couple days. VERY.

    I've been putting in some extra hours working for the past few weeks and will last through the end of this month. I thought it was not going to be a really big deal and the money is good– VERY GOOD; and I have to pay for my son's deductible to have his tonsils removed. So….this I have seen as a God provision. But my son hasn't been too thrilled about having this disruption in our lives. And he is acting out. I'm tired; very tired. Last night, i was wondering if he would ever understand that I was actually doing this for him. Was it worth it? Should I spend more time cultivating a healthy relationship, giving him a sound foundation, parenting him in a present state — not in sheer exhaustion and please let there be something for him to watch on tv…And….today was confirmation on what I have to do.

    Then there are my other issues. And God has basically told me in pretty much these words.. "while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me." That should be enough. He has been taking me back to the cross — CONSTANTLY. Everything else in life is but a vapor. Everything that I whine and complain about…why can't my life look like this. I'm a good Christian girl who has served the Lord, how about it being my turn for the Sunshine Family with teh Pottery Barn home, hello Lord, I would love it if my son had a father, and while we are at it, I'm sick of this intertube that seems to be permanently fixed around my waste…zap it away, PLEASE. And while I can come up with explanations on how these are noble wants…at the end of the day, they are just "vanity".

    Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and THEN…

    I'm spending too much time and energy on what I think things should look like, with hurt feelings at God because He hasn't given them to me at the moment I wanted them or the way I wanted them…while I have a huge blessing in my life who is growing up every single day.

    And….God is also telling me that He came to give me life and life abundantly. And He reminds me of that with my son and my heart for him.

    And then there was the little dog. My sister found a little dog in a park. A Yorkie mix. I think it's a mix becuase he's a little to long to be a pure Yorkie. She felt sorry for the dog, but didn't want to actually have to take care of the dog. Then my other sister agreed to take the dog but didn't want to really care for the dog either. I mean, she would give it shelter and food but that shelter was in her garage. And then there was me. I had compassion for this little animal. And so little Charlie is coming home with me. I will try to find his owner and if not, Charlie will have a home. He will be taken care of; he will have food, shelter, and live inside. He will have a family and "brothers" to keep him company.

    Sometimes, I think of "salvation" like being rescued from the park. And then there are times when I think of "salvation" as being rescued from the park and then given shelter and food but that my existence is doomed to be one of solitude in a garage. but in reality, "salvation" is sooooo much more than that. And this little dog has helped me realize that I have put God in a box that is much too small and that if I can take compassion on a little dog…how much greater was Christ's compassion when He hung on a cross for me? How much more that he became sin, who knew no sin? How much more, that he suffered and died, so that I can have fellowship with the Father and LIVE? Not so that I would have "fire insurance"' not so that I could exist. But who lovingly wants to have relationship with me and give me LIFE…

    Ah the journey to purging the "flesh"….

  4. Sandy, I think you made the right decision to build your family. It can be frustrating doing all that the publishers expect. But I had to laugh when I pictured your little girl standing there while you were trying to read your Bible and pray and write. The Lord knows your heart my friend.

    I just wanted to also thank you for reaching out to me and writing last week. Your prayer touched my heart in ways I cannot explain. You understood and that meant so much to me.

    So I hope you can go on your vacation and enjoy undisturbed time with your family. We will all be here when you return.

    Love you,

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