1. First, it's pretty cool how you talk about what your pastor is preaching and how you are receiving it. Coming from a pastor's wife, I think he is blessed to have you as one of his sheep.

    Secondly, the verses you shared is truly like being led to a table and feasting on the "meat" of the Word – or vegetables and fruit. LOl! There is none like our God!

    Thanks for sharing! Be blessed today!

  2. Thank you Sandy for sharing your quest to "hear from God." It is encouraging to hear of someone who steps out on faith and moves across the country. I recently took the largest leap of faith I have ever taken and when with the lords spirit keep sharing… it has truly been a blessing….. God Bless You..

  3. Chocolate covered french fries??? Ewwww!

    I absolutely agree, though, that being in a church that serves the Word AND makes it applicable to our lives is nothing short of a grand feast!

    I have been praying that we will find a church in our new home that resonates, "This is it." And yesterday, I do believe we entered to doors of that place. Oh, praise the Lord!

  4. Our church is going through the book of Colossians….great stuff. I missed out yesterday because I was in the nursery….but I got to cuddle a little one almost the entire time, so it was worth it!

  5. Wow. I found your blog in God's perfect timing! He is really using it to bless me. I am still praying for you regarding your medication issue.

    I stopped praying for God to send me to the right church. I do pray that He brings the right people into our lives. Right now my husband and I are not involved in a church for reasons I won't get into here, but we do trust that God will lead us to the right people. After all, the Church is people, right? 🙂 I'm glad you found one that is meeting your needs! That is a blessing, indeed.

  6. Sandy,

    This post just makes me happy!

    Thanks for modelling to all of us that we should bring our requests and our needs to God . . . and in his time He answers. So grateful for your family that you are in a church where you hear from God.

    I am a pastor's kids and a pastor's wife, and I agree with Donna ~ your pastor must love having you in his church :).

    I'm grateful for this series and all that everyone is writing. I have a link posted for tomorrow.


  7. Hello Sandy…what a GREAT blog…I have read through a few of the Hearing God posts…and I am really enjoying who He is creating You to be! You have a very real Jesus filled heart. Thanks for your beautiful ministry here…and for living life linked with Jesus! Praying for you today to continue hear Him!

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