1. Hi Sandy… thanks for this challenge! My Bible Study leader suggested this challenge, and I am on day 3 of my own blog/journal of what God is saying to me. Would love to have you follow my blog and give me some input! I, too was on the Lexapro 'wheel' and am offically 'off' the ride… your post on your own struggles was particularly helpful as I am trusting the LORD in helping me through my own depression.. one day at a time! http://gingerhaney.blogspot.com/

  2. Hmmm. 400 miles away, and we sang the same song in church this morning. Wonder what God is trying to tell me?

  3. We had a tragic week in our church this week with the murder of one of our members by his step-father who was also an active member. Our pastor had a difficult message to preach this morning to a sad, confused, shocked, and somber congregation. Because my 2 year old decided that the nursery wasn't for her today (or the nursery staff decided they didn't want my screaming 2 year old today- who could blame them?), I didn't get to hear much of the sermon, but this stuck with me, hit home, and was God's message, "When evil says goodnight, Jesus says good morning." He was talking about when it seems evil has won the day, that is when Jesus meets us where we are and saves the day. Very relevant in this tragedy, but also in life when we feel knocked down, defeated, and like God isn't there. In my life it seems that is when Jesus steps in and says, "Good Morning."

    I'm praying for you Sandy as you come off the meds. I've been there, it is hard but it does get better. ((hugs))

  4. Sandy, I love that song! We sang it yesterday in church and God really moved. Total freedom in Him is such an awesome thing. He wants us to live our lives in freedom. It's not always easy, but He will help us every step of the way. We have to continuously believe what His word says about us. As you have been sharing what you are hearing from God, not only has it ministered to all of us, but I can see that God is speaking powerful things into your own life. You will come through this with the meds and be victorious. As God has spoken into your life, He has told you to not fear. He's got your back! Thank you again, for sharing what God is speaking into your life as it has blessed us richly!

    Blessings to you on this Monday!

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