1. I work for myself, and have a role in my husband’s office, as well as a home and family to run.
    I have recently started scheduling what tasks need to get done in the office on each day as previously I felt I never got finished. And if I can never get finished I should do only the emergency stuff and then leave, right?
    Now I can see that I have achieved my (funnily enough) three things and can go home with a sense of completion.
    This has helped in the office, now for home…

    1. Works at home too!! I promise.

      Even though I have three main areas, I really feel accomplished if I do the first two. If the third one fails miserably one day, I now know it will be top priority the next day. I’ve done this method long enough to know I get it all done by the end of the week–no need to panic.

  2. I love this idea! I have always been a ‘list maker” – sometimes i’ll write stuff on the list that needs to be done AFTER i’ve done it just so i can have the satisfaction of crossing said item OFF the list! 🙂 I like the “three main things” idea better tho – Keep it simple! (“Live Simply” was my motto for awhile – i need to remember that!!!)

    Thanks Sandy!!

    1. I totally write things on the list to cross them off! It not only gives me the immediate satisfaction, but also serves as a reminder later in the day or week of all that I accomplished. If not, I just keep looking at the list feeling like I didn’t get anything done.

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