1. I can so relate to this! We have the builders in this week. They’re giving us a new roof and putting in a skylight. I don’t like them being here. Worse, my husband was called away to London on business at the last minute so I’m left to deal with them (read: try to ignore them) on my own for a week. I wouldn’t like it if my husband were here, but without him I really don’t like it. If we hadn’t had the builders scheduled for six months, I’d have changed the dates. I decided to take myself off for a swim this morning and decided that this is going to be my ‘thing’ this week to help me feel ok and not be anxious-crazy woman.

    1. I’m sorry you have builders there. Good for you that you already know to go for a daily swim. Hang in there. You’ll have that new roof and skylight before you know it.

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