1. I totally get it. I have stuff on my to do list, but nothing urgent. And today is Canada Day. My hubby is home and there are oodles of community activities going on today.

    Kevin is sleeping in.
    The boys are playing a video game.
    I’m laying on the couch in my pjs reading blogs.

    And it wonderful. And I feel guilty.

    I feel guilty that I’m not preparing my family to go down to the park to eat free pancakes with 10,000 other people (you know, cold pancakes with no where to sit so how do you eat pancakes standing up), or watch the parade (you know, the parade with 25 realtors driving in their convertibles with the mayor and no one throwing candy anymore because of sugar and someone could lose an eye), or take in the festivities (you know, waiting in line for 30 mins for 3 jumps in the bouncy house or navigating the brand new spray park with 30,000 other children). I’m feeling GUILTY for missing all that! Crazy right!

    1. This past weekend I went to a Beth Moore Conference where there were 10,000 people. I realized that I hate places where 10,000 people are. I love Beth Moore. I love the tradition of taking my daughter every year and spending time with my Sis in law and niece…HATE that it has to be 10,000 people. So, yeah, I get it.

      Happy Late Canada Day!!!!!!!! I hope you truly enjoyed it and released yourself of the guilt of relaxing.

  2. Hi Sandy, I just wanted to thank you for all that you share. You’re a fantastic writer, but more importantly– you’re refreshingly honest. I so agree that stuff seems to steal from us! I think it’s a result of our growing contentment with the Lord. That’s a great thing!! Things of the world grow “strangely dim” with Him. =) I tend to go to extremes though. I was joking with my husband the other day that I’m a compulsive “ridder” — the opposite of a hoarder. LOL! “Stuff” literally has the ability to make me crazy and I don’t want to be like that either. But here’s the beautiful thing I really want to share with you– as I see my habit of going to extremes in my quest for balance, I continually get brought back to finding rest in Jesus, who **IS** our balance. Grace, Peace & Love sister =)

  3. LOVE this post and something I really needed to read and be reassured I have made the right choices this week. I accepted a new job one where I will work 48 hours straight and be off 4 days straight. Huge change pay cut somewhat but yet I will be home more and can slow down get things done while kids are in school and have time and patience to do evening activities with them. So often we get so rushed you look back and go where did the last 6 months go. It will be a hard change for me new smaller budget having free time (which scares me). Telling my current boss I was leaving was so freeing a weight lifted and stress melted away that I carried daily here.

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