1. You are on the right track with taking care of yourself. Balance, prioritizing, taking time to refresh at the well. Thanks for sharing the rhythm of life and the hope for better days.

    I really dislike those times I’ve descended into a funk. I feel like every bit of energy has been sucked out of me. I am especially irritated by it, as I write extensively at my blog, Too Darn Happy, about finding joy right where you are. . .

    1. Oh my goodness, I totally get what you said about the blog thing! I feel the same way about my blog and the whole balance theme. Like I need to have all these great tips and insights in how to keep it all together. Kinda hard when all you want to do is nap.

      So, again…I went with it, and blogged about napping. 🙂

  2. Sometimes getting all the stuff done steals moments you can never get back.
    Today, I went to the gym. And instead if meeting with a friend or going shopping or whatever was on my to do list I went home. Had lunch. And put in a load of laundry…..
    Then I sat on the couch and watched Rio and drank coffee and snuggled with the cutest 3 year old ever – well at least since 2009-10 when Noah was 3. Then we spent 20 minutes playing with a balloon. Most days I would consider this 2.5 hours wasted. Today, I know better. Ryan will be 4 in 38 days. And I will never have a 3 year old to snuggle and watch movies with again. So it was time well spent.
    I don’t think you’re in a funk. I think you are at rest. And hopefully, you can let your expectations of yourself fall for just a moment so you can be a peace too.
    Praying for you. That you will enjoy the down time. So that you can be refreshed for the ‘up’ time when it comes around again.

    1. Kelly, sounds like you had a GREAT day. Yes, you are wise to embrace those little 3 year old snuggles. Yesterday for the first time since Elliana started kindergarten, I had a sinking feeling inside that I missed having a little one to tote around with me during the day.

      And regarding the funk–yeah, it really IS a funk. Actually, I thought I was pregnant (as if you couldn’t tell from the post) and then I really thought I was sick. It was a complete lack of energy that lasted way too long. I wasn’t sad or irritable–just fatigued and unfocused.

      But I’m feeling more energetic today (though I did take a nap!). Oh, who knows. I’m going with it.

  3. I don’t need a trip to Target but I think we all get to these points in time. Sometimes I am like you and pump out a boat load of work in a short period of time and I am like wow. Other times the only way to get the urgent done is make myself do 5 minutes. I also realize a lot of the time I think I am wasting actually sometimes is time well spent as ideas get turned over and over and things get worked out in my head before my hands are willing to give them a try. Sometimes I just need time away to realize I do care and want to do things well. I wish I could “produce at a high level all the time” but I know I can not and I have realized that is ok as long as I don’t ignore the urgent.

    1. All great points, Mark. When I was suffering from major depression but hadn’t yet gone for help, I found myself slipping further and further into ignoring the urgent. Things started piling up and I was double-booking or forgetting appointments. It was terrible.

      So, yeah, ignoring the urgent is a bad sign, I think.

  4. Oh, I so relate to the ebbs and flows. Mine are exacerbated by health issues, so I’ve been forced to somewhat “go with” the down times. I’m trying to learn to make the most of those times. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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