1. I do love this concept. It one I use at work and it does help my days go better when I do so. I do like keeping a list of things I need to do at home and if I commit to doing just one a day it surprisingly amazes me at the end of the week what I have done. I am not bragging I am just surprised that committing to doing just one thing a day can have that impact. I do know without that commitment then at times absolutely nothing will get done outside of reading.

    Thanks Sandy; this is an encouragement to make sure I do that.

  2. I actually use the “worst first” concept at work. Because often there is a patient who is a particular challenge, or a taskt that is even more horrendous than others…Isn’t it awful to think of nursing as a “worst first” mentality? However, sometimes I have to put the “worst” off, or the whole day will fall behind.

    Now, as for vacuuming…My daughters room was DISGUSTING last time I vacuumed. I came to the conclusion she has NOT been cleaning her room, but merely shoving everything up against the wall, and vacuuming the middle. I actually plugged the attachment with a lint ball. No joke. YUCK.

    Now, since the worst thing I have to do today is look into why the lender did not send us a title when the car was paid off, I will go tend to that.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. My trick lately is to just do one small thing and stop. For instance, I’ve been dreading pricing our glorious junk for a spring yardsale. So, I told myself one day that I would price 10 items and stop. I did. It seemed a little silly at the time, but the next day I did 10 more and now everything is priced. Now I’m on to shelf liner in the kitchen. Three drawers at a time. It works for me.

    1. That sounds a lot like my “five minutes five things” anti procrastination tip. I use that method all the time for everything from getting through piles of mail to writing Christmas cards to cleaning the basement. I LOVE that method. Totally works for me!!

    1. Ten FREAKING thousand…they were all the way back from summer. And apparently, I was on several mailing lists that I just didn’t ever bother to unsubscribe from. And then there were lots of back-and-forth type stuff from the girl who redesigned my blog and stuff like that. So, yeah…10,000. It’s crazy, I know. I’m trying to stay on top of them now. So far so good. Of course, it’s only been a few days…

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