1. Oh Scoop,
    I have fasted and remember many of the things you have noted here.
    Mine was a juice fast with a few days of whole food cleansing to wean me in.
    Ummm… yes, after day two with the “lack o’ coffee’ headaches and fatgue, mine because “fast WITH coffee”.
    What I did find (although you actually ate food and I was on juices) was that after day 4 when my body didn’t need so much energy to process whole foods, that I was manic with energy. I loved it at the time.
    I did this for 8 days and honestly, only because I set an end time did I start eating again. I think my organs had gone into hibernation and I simply wasn’t hungry.
    *I do NOT recommend this for a healthy~minded or well~balanced person.*
    Oh, Sandy… let’s brainstorm other types of fasts maybe! How about:
    Fasting from drama
    Fasting from negativity
    Fasting from those that suck our good energy
    Fasting from laundry??? 😉
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I love you, girl!!!

  2. I have been on water-only and liquid-only fasts and have experienced that same kind of energy you describe. The funny thing was, I didn’t feel the fatigue until AFTER the cleanse was over! I had energy for the last 3 days! But when I started eating again, THEN I wanted to sleep. Strange. I wasn’t expecting that.

    I love your fasting ideas. 🙂

  3. Not sure I could handle something like this, I try to eat whole unprocessed foods always instead. I could not give up coffee either.

  4. Yes, you have completely talked me out of doing a cleanse. : )
    Thank you for that. Now I never have to contemplate it again…not that I ever contemplated it for more than about 15 seconds anyway!
    I’ll just stick to cutting out refined sugar and simple carbs when I feel the need to clean up my eating.
    Since last Saturday I’ve been cutting back and I’ve lost 2 pounds and some ounces. I’ll take that and keep plugging along.

  5. I liked your post and it’s honesty! I have to mimic what someone else already commented and say that I think you have talked me out of ever wanting to try one. Right now I am changing my eating habits a little and attempting to each much healthier and cut out drinking Pepsi (The sweet nectar of the gods, LOL) I have lost 10 pounds and hope that putting healthier foods into the body will help keep it off and shed a few more:)

  6. I’ve been toying with the idea of a cleanse for a while, but wanted to wait until I was done breastfeeding my son. This has pretty much talked me out of it 🙂 I eat clean 90% of the time, so I guess I don’t really need to do a cleanse, just liked the idea of it.

    1. You would probably still benefit from a cleanse, but maybe not the same one I did. I liked the smoothie portion (the last 3 days) much better than the food portion (first 2 days). I’d recommend only doing the 3-day one. 🙂

  7. Your honesty is so great!! I don’t think I could do this at the point I am at right now, but I should start with a couple of things like eliminating soda and doughnuts (AGAIN).

  8. Nope … Not going to do it! Thanks. Trying a cup of green tea a day without sweetener for February and hope to develop a taste for it.

    1. That’s a neat goal, Mark! I developed a taste for it by drinking it on a regular basis. First with some honey and then unsweetened. I like it now. Hope it works for you!!

  9. You are a rockstar! I not only eat the frog most days, I reward myself when it’s done. Yeah, I like stuff like massages, new workout gear, a pedi and sometimes even a nap.

    In other news…
    So thinking I don’t have time for a cleanse right now…I need all of my energy!!

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