1. Sandy,

    I’m in full agreement and so now I cannot wait to read your next post.
    Was this not the apostle Paul’s point in Phil 4:12…

    I’m also looking forward to seeing (via photos) how your new home is progressing!


  2. I do believe this has been a banner year for your blogs, Sandy! They’ve really blessed me. Looking forward to your thoughts on thoughts! And this pic….wow! A flashback! I had the same hair! Love you for sharing!!

    1. Jean, THANK YOU! You have such a way of saying the exact right thing. You have no idea how much God uses your comments to keep me plugging along. I want to see a pic of your hair!!!!

  3. Ooh. This is fascinating. I can’t wait to read more. I have struggled with other people’s expectations, and what I thought were other people’s expectations but actually came from within my own head, for most of my life. I now live one day at a time and this is, for me, working. I am so thankful!

    1. I’ve done the exact same thing! I’ve projected my own high expectations of myself onto my husband and then actually yelled at him for expecting so much out of me! Nope…it was just me.

  4. Sandy,
    I cannot wait! Once again we are on the same page. I am struggling to get my thoughts under control and have decided not to concern myself with things like calories & carbs or exercise plans until I get my mind in the right place.

    Really, my last blog post was about positive affirmations.

  5. I can’t wait to read the next post-I am so in agreement with you Sandy. It comes from our state of mind-but I still struggle with that too. It is hard too though, when I feel like life is just a journey of hills and valleys-where to find that straight line inside me so I am not taken on a ride of up and down moods, but can maintain a steady consistent self? I don’t know if that makes sense, but I love this post, thanks for sharing so much. 🙂

    1. It makes perfect sense. Not only do we deal with our own hills and valleys, but then we have all the hills and valleys of our kids. I think moms (and maybe most women?) are innately empathetic. This is great, but it also means we can be swept away by every good and bad thing that happens to those we love. For me, maintaining balance means I keep my head in all these circumstances.

  6. PS. I forgot all about those Clairol Hot Sticks-made me crack up-I used those all the time, and had hair that looked just like yours!

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