1. Blessings Cooper family & Sandy,

    I gotta get out more myself… like even visiting your blog in person instead of via Google Reader… though I'm so thankful I can read God Speaks there… I actually remember this P31 devotion in my email…WOW! Glad that you shared it here again to reremind us and do like you… not be in front of the screen(like a recent balanced interviewee said…) and out and about LIFE! Definite getting a balance and so glad that you are spring breaking, though we love you here at blog land… I'm sure your family does love you even more! EnJOY your day away but not too long…eh? (No truthfully, I'm getting ready to step away also from blogging…ya' think I'll have withdrawal problems???(lol))

    Peace ~ Peggy
    ohh, and since I've been away from seeing the REAL blog for far too long…I wanted to tell you, I really LOVE the new look and fixups you've done.

  2. Great message!

    Your questions for reflection…my answers would be too long for your comment section but great reflective questions.

    Psalm 139: 23 &24 is one of my favorites!

    Praying all is well with you and your family! Blessings and peace!

  3. Sandy, this is timeless and should be reposted at least once a year! 🙂 As we seek God in this area, He will show us our culprits and help us to identify things that need to be changed. May your prayer be our prayer – "Let my life reflect Your abundant grace and mercy, and thereby, win the respect of outsiders. And allow those whom You’ve placed in my realm of influence to be drawn closer to You because of Your Spirit shining through me."

    Enjoy the rest of Spring Break!
    Blessings to you all!

  4. How do I manage? I delegate liberally – at work and at home – and I don't worry about perfection either place. Very good is fine; perfect causes too much stress and often takes too long and/or is unachievable.

    BTW, I work nearly exclusively with men, and I can state without equivocation that they, too, measure their worth by accomplishments. It's not just women.

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