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  1. I have never heard of James Taylor. I watched the clip, and I have never heard that song before….ever….in my whole life. I have however heard of Motown. And Aerosmith. I have Big Ones on CD.
    I loved Casey…..beyond that I don't even remember who won American Idol…..and don't tell me who won X-Factor last night…..I PVR'd it. I am rooting for Chris Rene.
    I was shocked that t-ball for 4 year olds met twice a week. I thought that was crazy. My son loved it. He's already asking when t-ball starts again.
    My first concert was New Kids On The Block. I was in junior high. I screamed til I lost my voice. we sat in the nosebleeds. Some friends and I went to NKOTBSB this summer. We sat in the nosebleeds. We did not scream though. We laughed alot instead. Then we went home where our hubbies laughed too…. At us I think 🙂
    I live in Canada. 38 degrees is smoking hot. If it reached 80 we'd be dead. Today it is 1 degree. Which is balmy for December. I won't have to wear mitts or a touque today. Oh – and touque is Canadian for winter hat. 🙂
    Anyway….Merry Christmas. And thanks for fun ramblings.

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