1. thanks for the repost – i benefited from it the first time around and i think we could all use the reminder this time of year. when my neighbors are baking cookies and i could bake my way out of a paper sack, its good to remember that there is a reason God gave me the spouse He did. and one of those reasons is that he doesn't care much for baked goods 😉

  2. I missed this one the first time around, but I am so glad I got it this time. I LOVED your "bio" of yourself–too funny (probably because I could relate so well). I have a feeling I know what conference you were referencing–the same one I had signed up for, then sold my ticket because I didn't homeschool and was afraid I wouldn't fit in. 🙂

  3. Can I use your personal bio for my own?!?! Because short of the kitty litter, I'm pretty sure we live parallel lives!

    This was a great one as well – thanks for the repost!!

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