1. Sandy,
    Excellent. Not only a great question to add in relationships but at work as well. It can help to set priorities and help you move away from doing things that really don’t matter.

  2. I somehow stumbled onto your blog. Must be friends of friends. I went to Blessed Sacrament with Jon and many of my classmates went to CCHS. I went to NDA…Anyway, your words have touched me! It makes me think before I post or speak. It makes me as smile to know that Jon has a beautiful woman (inside and out) to share his life with! I believe all of us had a crush on the Cooper twins in grade school;) I look forward to your blogs!

    1. Hi Lynn! How fun that we have so many mutual connections! Your comment made my day (especially the part where you said everyone had a crush on Jon in grade school. Sometimes, I still can’t believe he chose me.) Jon said he remembers that you were very nice and very smart. So glad you stumbled upon my corner of the internet.

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