1. So ironic I am reading this right before my nap 😉

    I feel zero guilt at napping as of a few weeks ago. I am a poor nighttime sleeper, and as hard as the baby/toddler years were, I am finding that as I get older and am raising teen/pre-teen/mid-elementary kids, I am needing rest more than ever.

    So, I finally decided I will grab my rest where/when I can. I get up at the crack of dawn to start the day while everyone else in my home is sleeping (my choice) so as to not take away time from them at other hours of the day. I figure 2 hours up before anybody else equates to at least 1 hour rest during the days I can 🙂

    I will say that I still harbor some guilt around 7pm when my brain decides to not function and that is the time of day that everyone else seems to come alive and wants to talk about deep thoughts…..still haven’t figured out how to solve that one!!!

  2. Wish I could go home and nap – but the lady who comes to clean (talk about indulgences) is still there, and there won’t be time before school pick up…

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