1. Yes please! I need this!! I’ve never even thought about what I think about in those first few minutes of consciousness…..

  2. I’m so excited! And I never thought about the lie of the sleep/not enough time thing. I wake up the same (anxious!) way every day. I thought it was just me 😉 Though I DO love the days I can sneak a nap in…..

    Looking so forward to your insights – you always have great ones:)

    1. Not everything about that is a lie–sometimes I do need a nap. And on those days, I gladly indulge. (But don’t you just hate that anxious feeling, first thing in the morning???–It’s bondage.)

  3. I can’t wait!
    Just today at my women’s bible study, we were talking about the vicious path of negative self talk, the need to hurry all the time, the pressure to look good in front of others, etc etc etc.
    Coming home and reading this I immeadiately sent it to my group. “I think God is trying to tell us something” I said. My favorite response so far is this, from my sweet new friend Beth “Was she sitting at the next table, listening to our conversation?”
    I think this series is a great idea. Not only because we all have these lies in our heads. But because we have the Power to overcome them. And we need to be reminded to tap into that Power. I’m excited to see what God has in store for us.
    Thanks Sandy, for so often being His hands and feet in my life 🙂

  4. This is just what I needed to hear this morning as I have a “situation” about to walk right into my home. I need to know I can tell myself something different – something that will enable and empower me to get out from under the layers of yesterday’s experience in a relationship and make a new, truthful start. I may need lots of prayer and the discipline to choose a better way.

  5. Thanks Sandy =) Several months ago I went into a deep depression– panic attacks and all due to extreme stress and anger, resurfaced childhood wounds, emotional and spiritual anguish, etc.. Anyway, I had ZERO good feelings. I felt totally numb really, as if all connections to my heart were unplugged. Although it caused me tremendous fear because I could not sense God’s presence AT ALL, it also allowed some necessary “brain surgery”.

    I was really awakened more than ever to my thought life, where God showed me “the little foxes” destroying the vineyard. I believe that all of this worked together for my good to bring self-control (Spirit-control, really) to my mind rather than the “feeling control” I often operated under. Those lies produce those ICKKK feelings that lead to OCDs and what not!!!

    I Praise God for deliverance from all of our fears (not YET arrived though) 😉 and for brothers & sisters like you who honestly share their experiences to help set others free.

    I came upon your site by way of Peter’s “Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled” site on depression. I was struggling in depression and had believed the lie that Christians can’t become “clinically depressed”.

    Can you believe the way these lies snowball!? Under the lies, the Truth of God’s Word was distorted to the point that I had misunderstood many biblical truths– thinking they largely involved feelings. However, Truth is Truth. Feelings constantly change. Believing, loving, repentance are not feelings, but actions. The really crazy/sad thing is that I also thought I was a mature Christian, that my faith was so strong! No, my feelings were what was so strong and I …so self-deceived. Scary…

    I’ve learned so much in being led out of these lies. For one– even though the Enemy may capture us for a time with his thieving tricks, God can use the experience to make us more secure and mature in Him, and of course, to comfort others. Again, thank YOU for strengthening, encouraging and comforting us— for help with spiritual fitness!! =)

    Your sister in Jesus,

    1. I’m so glad you found me. Peter linked to me years ago–I love that God is still sending people my way through him.

      Sounds like you’ve had quite a journey. How wonderful that you are well on the road to recovery. And I LOVE the point you made about God using even the LIES for our good. I have found the same in my life. He is so good.

  6. Hi Sandy, it’s been a while since I stopped by (life has gotten busier and busier with the addition of a 3rd child!), but thought of your blog tonight for some random reason and hopped on over (: I’m looking forward to reading through this series because I can relate to EVERYTHING you are saying here…

    Great series topic!!!

    1. LISA!!!!!!!!!

      Oh my gosh…it’s been so long since I’ve seen your name in my comments! It’s so good to see you again. I understand the busy life. That 3rd child will throw you over the edge.

      I miss you and hope you are well.

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