1. Girl, you so rock in my book. I have finally started doing personal training. I love it. I've always loved group fitness but I love working one on one with people. I got to train a couple today, it was great. You've got to do it. You are so knowledgeable and capable of being an awesome trainer. Besides, who ever said you can't be a trainer and an author at the same time. It seems to be working for Jillian Michaels!
    Love Ya!
    Paula G.
    P.S. P90X is sitting on my counter. Have had it for 2 weeks and haven't made it past the instruction guide!

  2. I haven't tried this yet, but EVERYONE'S talking about it.

    I was laughing out loud with the "mommy questions". Exactly what noise is it that you are making while doing these exercises? ha ha

    Love you!

  3. I am far from a powerhouse, but I do push myself pretty hard.

    I agree with you that you can't do these workouts in the gym.

    I wish I could make my posts as light-hearted and funny as yours.

    You are in the beginning of it, it seems grueling and long, but once you get more familiar you will realize what he's talking about and move right along. Sometime the only thing that I look at is what come across the bottom of the screen!

    The "Mommy Questions" had me rolling because I have SO been there…. Clear My Mind… Yeah right!

  4. Ok.. finally got to sit down and enjoy your post!
    That Kenpo sounds right out there! I was wondering out that.

    I am totally enjoying Jillian´s Dvds. I do a combination of The metabolism boost and the touble zones. they are 50 min workouts. At first I had to do cheaties and fast forward.. but now girl, I am so stoked! I can do 20 real big "manly" pushups!!! can you believe it! I don´t think I have ever done a real push up in my life! of course you prob. know this is one of Jillian´s favs.

    I will be sending ladies over to your blog on Friday´s for sure through out the challenge. I want them getting information and motivation throughout the whole time. 😉

    oh back to the PX90.. or 180. LOL.. I think you gave a great assesment! I was totally curious. Now I am totally satisfied that I don´t have to do it. 😉 Just keep moving and eating right with what I got. Like Jillian says.. "workin what your Mama gave ya" well, I am sure it´s not original with her. LOL

    Love ya girl! You make me smile and chuckle what´s up with frizz head, plastic surgery girl!!! hahaha (I suppose I should know her but I don´t recognize her at all)

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