1. I've used honey in place of sugar in my pumpkin/whole wheat muffins – delicious!

    I think once you move past a cup of sweetener in a recipe, (i.e. 1 1/2 cups sugar) you may have to modify how much honey used. I've googled it before and gotten some good sites that tell how to convert.

  2. We have been on the same journey. I avoid artificial sweeteners, although I can't say I've totally rid my diet of them because they can be sneaky. Plus my thing about diet cherry limeade…

    I, too, thought I'd found the answer in agave nectar. It tasted great in my tea and 65MD even liked it. It was pricey but I paid the price. I was really hurt when I learned that the stuff was an imposter.

    Just this summer, I rediscovered honey. It has gotten a bad rap because it has been lumped in with sugar. I initially bought local honey at the farmer's market to combat allergies. I've done a little cooking with it, but mostly put it in tea.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiments with it.

  3. EXCELLENT info and thank you for sharing about aspartame because you're right, it's BAD news. A lot of people don't know it's in diet soda also. I'm glad I dropped by today! Have a great weekend!

  4. I am loving Whole Foods raw honey these days. (Gentle Breeze Honey . . .gently warmed, but never overheated. You might like it, once Farmer's markets are over.


  5. Mindy: I've used it in baking, too. But I don't bake a lot, so I will have to do more experimenting.

    Lori: You are exactly right. Most people lump sugar and honey together in the same category. Usually when people are looking for a sugar substitute, it's because they are trying to cut calories or lower the glycemic index of their foods. Honey is not beneficial in that way.

    MOMSWEB: Yes! Diet soda is the biggest offender of using bad sugar substitutes. It's also in a lot of "fat free" yogurts and vitamin water. Anything that is sweet but says "sugar free" on the label usually has a chemically produced artificial sweetener (the bad kind).

    Glenda: I love Whole Foods. They always have great choices.

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