1. Well, you are my new hero. I am almost speechless–no small feat. So I’m going to check this out right after I click away here. As a former WW meeting room leader, let me say I know how much your triumph means to you (even though you weren’t out to lose pounds, per se), how much meeting all of those individual goals meant to you. I am really inspired because it’s not often we read of the triumph, it’s usually just the struggle (I’m guilty of that.) So thank you for sharing!

  2. CONGRATS ON FINISHING THE BODY FOR LIFE CHALLENGE! What an awesome accomplishment! Keep up the great work!

    And thank you for your comments on my blog about getting organized!!! I am gonna put your tips to good use, friend!

    And thanks for the chili recipe 🙂 Sounds yummy!

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Kate 🙂

  3. Congratulations Sandy! It’s a wonderful feeling to reach a goal!!!! And the best part is realizing that you far exceeded your expectations!!!

    You are my role model.

    I’ve reduced my diet pepsi intake considerably!!!! mostly drinking Ice Organic Green Tea. And continue to have small meals. Nothing more than a small salad plate can contain.

    This week’s goal is to reduce over processed foods and eat more naturally. Not to mention my book should arrive and I will be following it neurotically until I follow it like a normal person.

    I will then proudly wear: Body by God Speaks Today T-shirt!!!

  4. I just have to say “YUUUUMMMMMMMM” on the White Chicken Chili recipe. I’m not a cook by any means (although taking baby steps to learn) and I dove right into your recipe and loved it! It was easy to make and I will definitely make it again! Perfect for a cold autumn evening in with the family!

  5. Well, I went out and bought the book and I am currently in chapter 2. I am struggling with getting time to read it. But I am motivated and enjoying it so far.
    Jennifer Burton

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