1. For me I think the percentage is 95% mental. (I made that up too.) It is a lot no matter what the percentage.

  2. I chose to get a chopped salad from subway instead of the popcorn chicken at walmart with potato wedges. And bypassed the yummy looking candy bars in the check out line!

  3. I am SO very guilty of this! So, my good decisions for today are:
    – Rest up and drink lots of water as I’m fighting off a bad chest cold
    – Eat soup and heathy proteins instead of white carbs (except for the noodles in soup;)
    – Give up the guilt about not working out when I don’t feel well!

    1. I think giving up the guilt is the best one on there. I do the same thing. I have such a difficult time giving myself grace for sickness. But once I feel better, I always feel guilty for feeling so guilty. Know what I mean?

  4. If I’m gonna use the Lose It app to track calories AND eat pizza for lunch – I will track Thise pizza calories and move on with my day!

    Consequently, my slice of pizza wasn’t as bad as I thought. And the hard workout I did today balanced it all out pretty well.

    1. I find whatever I do “first thing” is the thing that always gets done. So, if you want to get that run in, that’s the best time. (I for one, have decided I like mid-morning workouts, but I don’t work outside the home, so that works well for me.)

  5. I’m giving up pop, at least until we go on vacation next month. Then I’ll re-evaluate. I’m also starting a 10 day cleanse today to help get my eating back on track. I’ve gotten derailed recently. It’s time to get back to feeling as great as I did last summer.

  6. Sandy,
    32 miles… wow Jill did great. I like all of your tips here and I try to implement alot of them. I try to choose water over soda. I try to slow down my eating. I attempt to eat smaller portions. I try to avoid seconds. I must work on reducing sugar.

  7. I try to slow down my eating too, but everyone starts before I sit down (cuz I’m still dishing everyone up!) and then they all get done super fast and want to start cleaning up so they can go play or finish homework or whatever! I always feel rushed.

    But I do try to take my time when I’m eating alone.

  8. Thank you for this, Sandy. Amazing and encouraging! I am choosing to set out my clothes tonight so that I will make sure I go to the gym tomorrow. You’re awesome!!

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