1. When it’s Father’s Day, why don’t we ever hear or read messages to fathers about not being enough? Why is this a female thing? I’m not wanting to bring the fathers down with us, but it strikes me that if husbands were a bit more clued up on the pressures a mother faces, maybe we’d not feel quite so overwhelmed. Why do women consistently over-give of themselves?

    1. Funny you said that. I actually shared this message at our Church on Mother’s Day. And when I was telling my husband what I was speaking about, he said, “Is that like a female thing?”

  2. Sandy, I love you for this post, right now maybe more than any of your others (and you are a fabulous writer). Because of the encouragement it offers. I am going to share this with a dear, sweet mama friend who is struggling so hard right now, with very difficult circumstances. Impossible circumstances, from the world’s view. But we know the Truth, don’t we? He has overcome the world. And His power is sufficient. More than sufficient. I am learning to lean into this Truth more and more. Thank you again for your transparency and for sharing your Hope.

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