1. This was a really nice series,Sandy! It got me to thinking about my annual spring student music recital. It is such a difficult emotional balance because I coach the students to strive for perfection, knowing that the actual performance is never perfect. It's hard for students to accept that. I tell them that however it turns out it IS perfect, because that's how it's supposed to be. It's not about that single performance … it's about all the learning that went into preparing for that performance, and all the learning that takes place in reflection of that performance. If I could only apply that to other areas of my life, haha!

    BTW … are those your perfectly painted toes?!

  2. In the last five years, my husband and I have found community with a couple where we are really honest with our stuff, love each other and go in peace. I have longed for that my whole life. (Then we moved away . . . sadness . . . but we have skype.)

    Sandy, thank you for this series. It has been full of practical truth.


  3. Now that's what I call a perfect vacation. Glad you enjoyed.

    Thanks for the Biblical aspect of your post.

    Love the new photos of your kids.

  4. Sandy Cooper, you are wise beyond your years, young lady. I have enjoyed this series immensely–not that I could relate to much of it, imperfectionist that I am–but because you wrote with such wisdom, humor, and authenticity. I just love this post especially because I love your description of your vacation–sounds like mine, only with better weather. And I LOVE the last line. Go in peace, my friend. Go in peace.

  5. I also love how at the end you say–" ……. that we live with all the guts and humility of the town harlot. That in the face of the morally superior, we fall at Jesus’ feet, let down our hair, and rain tears of worship and repentance. That we see with spiritual eyes the depth of acceptance God has for us, even in, especially in …our messy condition."

    NOTE- the only "morally superior" is JESUS.. That is who we were created to worship, not others and their opinions of us. Lord, help me in this area>

  6. My favorite part of your post is the disclaimer about the beach. I agree, both with it being the favorite, and maybe changing the ranking in the future.

    What a huge step to let all your projects just lie. . . my thing is productivity rather than perfection, so I can imagine what a shock it would be to just be frivolous.

    Oh – also loved your remark about a Twinkie and Splenda . . . I might need to borrow the expression!

  7. oh my goodness Sandy… I just wrote about the SAME thing today… how i think sooo much… and its not really living by faith! Your writing is good for the soul. and I'm sooooo glad that your vacation was also!!! AMEN!!!!

  8. What a beautiful conclusion to a much needed series!! I heart your vacay. That is the best kind. I always go with intentions but usually totally unplug from life too.

    My favorite part is walking just to feel the sand on your feet… Maybe it's all the running I've been doing?!

    I live fully in the place I am knowing imperfect needs Jesus. Amen?

  9. Sandy,
    Thank you so much for this series. I feel like I've made great progress in letting go of those horrible, crippling expectations I had for myself.

    BTW, I spent a glorious week at the beach last week totally unplugged as well. I even ate carbs without a complete meltdown. My toenails are gold and sparkly rather than red though! 😉


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