1. Oh, how I long to be a Take-Each-Piece-As-I-Find-It-Type! Whenever I read your posts, I feel you are writing the story of my life. I resignate with soooooo much of what so share. I too am a Methodical Life-Putter-Together-Type. I am sure they both have their purpose, but sometimes I feel like my "Methodical Life-Putter-Together-Type" can be debilitating, because one glitch can cause a breakdown.

    I just want you to know that I truly enjoy your writings and you have helped me immensely.


  2. Very interesting post!

    First of all, I love puzzles. Not just jigsaw, but crossword and cryptograms and suduko and anagrams in particular. When it comes to jigsaw, I am a methodical person. I find all the edges and make the border, and then start in a corner somewhere and work one section at a time. I can't just do it at random.

    Hubby says that my putting puzzles together is my way of figuring out life. He thinks my scrapbooking is the same way…I arrange the photos of my life in a such a way that "makes sense" to me. I suppose that could be true, I do tend to analyze my heart and life in such a way as to try to understand. I thought his comment was a fascinating observation.

    I still enjoy puzzles, though…something about putting them together is strangely therapeutic for me. Hubby may be on to something.

    In the end, the picture still comes together,right? No matter which method, the end result is the same.

  3. It is funny as I read how you do your puzzles, I totally agreed with you, that is how I do mine. But when I read how your daughter does it, I thought, that is how I approach life. How can I think one way and act another, am I two faced, dual minded, or am I just practical when it comes to the hard things in life, but the actual living of it is easier when it happens in the small bits that come along. Hmmmmm.
    Thanks for sharing and causing a bit of thinking.
    God bless, Elaine

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