1. my life has been leaps and bounds better since my husband & I moved and didn't install cable. no more makeover shows telling me my wardrobe needs updating, no more house shows telling me my house is inadequate.

  2. Excellent, excellent. I never thought about the possible affect blogs could have on people if all they promote is "doing more" in the kingdom, growing, etc. B/c the fact is, none of us can do that all the time. We fail. And we need to know we are still loved by God. I will try to work that into more articles. Good post for thinking …

    Just so you know, your article is getting lots of reads, way more than is indicated by the number responding. I average about 60 hits a day, and yesterday was about 85. I put it on FB and so did Amanda (a new follower of yours. She liked your article a lot – you can see the comment. And you would like her blog a lot, too, I think). wb

  3. I'm sure you got my email last night and you must surely know how much I needed this today. Actually, yesterday I kept having this image of myself getting my arm or leg or head obliterated because I was so stuck in the comparison trap. For real.

    I have stopped all the things you mentioned and more because I used to live inside a cage called the comparison trap! At times I get so fooled I start to walk back inside and that's when the arm, leg or head gets snapped off!!

    Ummm, I've even read the Bible and felt this way before… Not that I would ever stop but it shows the great lengths the enemy will go to in order to ambush God's girls.

    I also felt this way when I showed houses for a living or had to help clients get theirs ready to sell when my own was imploding from neglect! I hated it!! And since I couldn't quit my job…

    I have decided the only way to stop.the.trap.forever is to have God's Word before me at all times. My new mantra, recited a million times a day is Hebrews 10:39 "But we're not quitters who lose out. Oh, no! We'll stay with it and survive, trusting all the way." (The Msg)

    I love you Sandy Cooper and your truth-speaking self.

  4. I was just thinking while reading your post…Comparison creates a space in between us and them. And whenever we aren't one with eachother… we aren't one with God. The two go hand in hand. Oh if we were one with eachother and one with God… life would be…. Heaven.

  5. Were we separated at birth? Our stories are very similar! I found you from Warren Baldwin's blog. For years perfectionism crippled my relationships with people and with God. I, too, have tossed out those fashion magazines and guard the movies and TV we watch.

    I'm about to do a writing on Isaiah 53:2…"He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him." Amazing that our perfect Savior was "average" in His human form. This encourages me to work on my inner beauty first, as it will reflect outwardly.

    People were drawn to Jesus because His love of the Father shown in His eyes, His words, and His actions. I pray to be a beauty like that even in my flawed state. Keep writing! P.S. My husband's name in Jon too!

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