1. Oh Sandy, you are so precious. I want to give you a hug. I’m so glad that you know the Lord because I don’t know how you would get through this without Him.

    I think that often people don’t know what to say to a mother who has lost her baby. So, they stay away or say something stupid. I love that you shared what helped you; simple cards, emails, etc. Who better to give advice in this area than you? And I’m sure it takes a long time to get to the place where it’s not intense every single day. I’m sure you still have days. But God is good.

    You are so brave to share as you have. I think these publishers are nuts if they don’t publish your book. I would gladly write a review or do anything to help you.

  2. Hey Sandy.

    You are so right. We went through some pretty hard years. Some folk asked what they could do, others just listened to God and did for us. Some said they were praying for God to intervene and comfort us, others were Gods hands and feet and held us and waited [and waited and waited] with us. Some withdrew others pulled in no matter how awkward or messy things got.

    Thankyou for your open and vulnerable heart, allowing us to see a child totally relying on her Papa. Transparency is such a huge gift of encouragement.

    Hiz …… Sandy Dehoogh

  3. Sandy, those scriptures and your prayer were a blessing for me today. To wake up and read your post, scriptures, and mostly your prayer. I have found myself in a little storm and it is so hard to pray and I feel I have no words..and when someone steps in and prays for you, it is moving and reminds me that God uses people and he is still at work in people that yield to him and listen to his voice. Thank you.

  4. Sandy,I just reread the whole series and so much of what you wrote hit home. My storms have not been the same but a lot of the feelings have, your insights have helped so much. thank-you

  5. You site was highly recommended on the “When I am Weak Blog.” Thank you for this recent series of articles. I look forward to reading them over the next week or so. God bless

  6. To watch your heart pour out in ways that I couldn’t even imagine doing is breath taking!

    The scriptures and prayer were beautiful.

    Also, it was great to know what we should do for someone who has had a major loss. This is sometimes “untouched” territory. So to hear it from someone who’s experienced it is very helpful!

    Thanks again for opening your heart to us.

  7. Wow, just popped over from Peter’s blog. God has allowed much in your life to advance His kingdom in a way no one would ask for, but he certainly knew you and with what He could entrust you.

    Thank you for sharing. Will definitely pass this along.

  8. On everyone of your posts in this series, it felt like I was holding my breath while reading your words about what you had been through…and then slowly exhaling at the conclusion of each one as you point others to the One who is the only true shelter in the storms.

    Thank you for the reminders that we should be always mindful of what we can do to comfort others who may not ask for help directly, but are in such need for someone to just be there.

  9. Sandy, your honesty and openness are so touching. What you went through was pain beyond comprehension, yet you show the hope that awaits others in such situations – the Lord, our refuge, reaching out to tuck us beneath his wings.

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful, strengthening verses too, and for the advice to encourage others who are suffering from depression with touches of human kindness.

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