1. Oh my goodness..LOL…this made my evening…you really know how to tell a story…and make people glad they are not the only ones that have moments such as these….

  2. Thanks Sandy!!! Do you think that Alberto can join Rebekkah, Elijah and Elianna in group therapy with Dan? I'm figuring that or at least a month long special on Dr. Phil.

    "His mercies are new every morning!" There are many a nights when I pray: "Dear Lord, please don't let any of my parenting flops stick. Grace Lord Grace Lord Grace Lord and a little amnesia too!"

  3. Oh Sandy, I've missed you! I needed a dose of your humor right now. I love your transparency and honesty. Too many mommies try to pretend they have it all together. You know you don't and …you freely admit it. 🙂 Keep up the stories. You entertain me. Love you, Debbie

    P.S. My mom would have loved you!

  4. ohh this was hilarious Sandy! 🙂 I really needed this today. I am expecting baby # 2 and have been sooo sick and the mommy guilt about Raymond watching so much tv this past 2 months as I've been sick has been horrible. It's always soo great to know we ALL make mistakes. Parenting is sooo tough! Especially because every baby and every single situation is different. You truly can't have anything down to a science/routine – it always has to be using your instinct and your BRAIN (which is so hard when you're a tired mommy) about each new obstacle.

    THANK YOU for being willing to share. This truly was a blessing. 🙂


  5. OH MY GOODNESS! If this wasn't your funniest post yet! I am cackling so loud that Mark is probably wondering who I'm hanging out with down here.

    That first pic of Rebekah totally brought back memories. *sniff*

    You are a great mom. All of us have done things like that – you're just honest enough to share them. One reason people love reading your blog is because you're so transparent and real.

    Love you!

  6. This is the best laugh I can remember having in a long time. With two kids age three and under and being pregnant I am SO full of these kind of stories. Thanks for reminding me its only by God's grace our children get through!

  7. Sandy!
    I'm sorry but I'm trying very hard not to laugh.

    Elijah through the screen – did Rebekkah flee the scene or he did it on his own?

    I'm trying to recall my bad parenting episodes.

    Mostly involving my older son.
    *Like the time I bought girl's pants for him to wear to school. (I am not allowed to shop without him anymore. Even to this day.)
    *Or the time in 3rd grade where I thought I was being helpful and bought him a rolling backpack because his books were heavy. Only it wasn't a backpack, it was a luggage. And people were teasing him, "Hey did you miss your flight?" And these were the 6-to-6 teachers.
    *Or the time I didn't pick him up on the last day of school before Christmas break because I didn't know there was no childcare. He spent the whole afternoon with the principal – who missed the staff Christmas party off site because she had to stay with my son.

    (Disclaimer: He survived and is in college now. As for therapy bills in the future, well, he'll have to earn that himself. Everything we have now is going towards his tuition.)

  8. Been there, done that, oh, so many times! In addition, I had one so happy and oblivious to pain that we had to teach him to cry. We realized that when his older sister came running in and said, "Come quick, Doah is playing on the swing set with blood running down his face." He had apparently taken a tumble and got right back up on the swings. Fifteen stitches in his scalp later, we began the crying lessons: "Now, when you see red stuff anywhere on your body, you go WAAAHHHHHH!" Took some effort, but he did learn to cry at appropriate times.

  9. Absolutely hilarious! I especially relate to your potty-training experience. Learned the same lesson myself almost the exact same way, just with a girl instead.

    Thanks for the laugh. Don't think you've got the market cornered though! I've had plenty Great Parenting moments myself! 🙂

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