1. Once again, another awesome post 🙂 I had a mentor tell me once that being a Christian requires both discipline of the mind (seeking Christ) and discipline of the heart (focused on Christ). Without both it was very difficult to led the seed of your faith grow strong roots.

    Love you!

    And I think shrimp are gross too 🙂

  2. I love shrimp!:)

    Your post is wonderful! You are absolutely right, we can train our palettes for healthy food and train our hearts for the healthy Word of the Lord. I love how you put nutrition and spirituality together! I would say it is a perfect fit!

  3. Loved this…isn't it amazing how much we learn from our kids…and how they point us to lessons the Father wants us to understand….

  4. So true Sandy, all of it! As always your stories about your family makes me laugh and gives me something funny to tell my family over dinner:)
    Love you girl!

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