1. I think they are all great. Especially dress from clearance rack for under $10.00!!! AWESOME!!! Those make me more than smile, those make me giddy!

    God is good — all the time. And I love how He uses everything to let us know He's into our details.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! "Ain't got no job chicken" made me laugh. I may have to adopt that. It'll go perfectly with our "Po' Boy Sandwiches" (Tomato and mayo on toast). 🙂

    The picture of the kiddos facing the storm is STUNNING!

  3. Just last night… my husband decided to be the Tickle Monster and chase the girls all over the living room. Squeals of delight filled the whole house. Completely awesome moments. BIG smile.

  4. Love the song, Sandy! It's sure made me smile, and I'm spreading the joy tonight by playing it for my man (and best friend) when he gets home:)

  5. It made me smile to see that my comment made you smile so big that you had to share it! Glad I could bring you a little joy!

  6. I missed this post for some reason. You have such a beautiful family!

    One thing that made me smile this week… We sold our house!!! God answered our prayers tremendously!

  7. Visiting your blog always makes me smile, Sandy. You always have an inventive and creative way of saying things. You can make the most ordinary post and find fun and joy. I love that about you. I loved your photos. Are you in San Antonio area to see Max Lucado or is he visiting near you?

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