1. Just yesterday I was thinking someone should invent an Advent candle wreath with electric candles and a timer which lights them on the appropriate week. We light the candles maybe 2-3 days out of the entire season because we are never home together!

    I used to feel the way you do…. if I could unload one or two obligations Christmas would be so much better. I got a Christmas makeover when we moved because our new school district doesn’t recognize Christmas – and I’m just fine with that. Also, my kids grew out of church Christmas programs. HUGE difference. Now my family craves all of our own traditions and the church traditions we choose to participate in. Time is flying by so fast with high school kids and soon a college kid. My family has a totally different perspective now which appreciates all we can do together.

    1. Terri, Jon and I were just talking about how much we like Thanksgiving and Easter, because it seems like school and work and all the other organizations haven’t taken them over yet–you know? Like you don’t have to celebrate with 12 Thanksgiving parties and programs and dinners and activities with several different groups of people. It’s just family and maybe close friends. It’s simple and meaningful.

      I totally understand why you are okay with your school district not acknowledging Christmas. I would love that, actually.

      Like, you, I’m trying to enjoy and relish in these last few Christmases at home with all the kids before the oldest goes to college. It’s such a dichotomy, because I also want it to hurry up and be over.

  2. Sandy,
    Since I am recovering from hip replacement surgery this year, I am simply not able to do much of what I typically do this time of year. One party after another, baking from scratch goodies for said parties and for gifts. Putting out every decoration I own, even if it looks like Christmas Vacation!

    This year, I had to pare down to what is most important to me. We have three parties we are attending. I got out only my favorite, most meaningful decorations. My husband is helping with the baking. (He’s a little reluctant, but we’ll make it work!) My sister and niece are helping with various other tasks, like shopping and gift wrapping.

    I was soaking in the tub the other night feeling blessed to be so calm and peaceful in the midst of the chaos of the season and I realized why. I was not trying to do it all. I, with the help of my family, decided what to do and what not to do. My family is totally fine with my lesser role.

    In fact, we’ve all stepped back a bit on the “stuff” of the season. We enjoy being together with each other rather than being together to check it off the list. I think we’ll keep is this way.

    Congratulations to you for seeking balance without having it forced upon you.

  3. I miss the “little kid” Christmas stage. This year, it doesn’t even seem to be Christmas obligations so much as regular life happening at lightning speed…there just doesn’t seem to be time for the “extras.” Seriously, I miss buckling everyone into car seats, driving around to look at lights, then coming home to eat cookies before bed time at 8 p.m. Now THERE’S some holiday magic I wouldn’t mind having back!

    P.S. I’m with you on the daytime TV…yesterday I was at home ALL day, baking and doing Christmas-y stuff, and NOTHING, nothing Christmas-y good to watch!

    1. Mindy, I agree life on TOP of Christmas is insane. I didn’t even get into all that. As you know, we are in the middle of building a house and my oldest is in HS and has final exams this week. Those two things alone will put someone over the edge. It’s multiplied exponentially with Christmas all around and the expectation that we have to do all this extra stuff.

      We still go look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve and then come home for cookies and hot chocolate. 🙂

  4. Not sure how I became “unsubscribed” but just re-subscribed! Glad you’re staying in the driver’s seat during this busy season! Or at least attempting to!
    Merry Christmas to you and Jon and your beautiful children! Love you guys!

    1. Unsubscribed????? NOOOOOOOOO! I need to know you are reading. You’re the wind beneath my wings. Have a very Merry Christmas, my dear friend. And big hugs to your sweet husband. Love and miss you.

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