1. Thanks, Babe. You’re the best. Thanks for being my sounding board about all this stuff and encouraging me to do what I feel God is leading me to do, no matter what it is. I love you.

  1. The internet is such a double edged sword. I’m a calmer person, a better wife, and a better mother when I step away.
    But I need it for work. It’s silly but in my head I truly compartmentalize the time I spend online and ask: is this for work, or is this goofing off?

    Yes, when you post on facebook for work, you need to answer questions and “like” comments as they come in for the first hour. That’s important for the facebook algorithm so it continues to release your update to all of your fans. But after that hour or so is up — step away and check in the next day. At least that’s my jumbly/mumbly advice for today. Tomorrow it will change completely! 😉

    You are wonderful. The kids and family always come first, and you do a fantastic job. xoxo

    1. Double-edged sword is right. I agree wholeheartedly about compartmentalizing the time. I do so much better when I have my designating “blogging business” time vs the mindless scrolling. It gets all mirky for me, though, because I don’t get paid to blog. It’s not my job. And I blog and Facebook about real life–which is happening always.

      Not so much a time-waster (except it IS!) as it is that I am very weary of putting all my daily stuff on The Internets for the world to see. And I want to undo the weird Internet-induced thinking that is this: “How can I work this into a post?”

      Does that make sense?

      To people who just read blogs but don’t live their life out as an illustration for others (good or bad) they may not understand why I’m in such a quandary. But you work on line–and you blog–so you probably get it a little more than most.

      1. I don’t think you need to actually receive money in order for you to view your online work writing as work. If you volunteered at the SPCA you’d feel good about helping pets/others but could still go home at the end of the shift and focus on family, real life, etc.

        Your writing helps people. It’s valuable, and it’s work — even if it’s not monetarily rewarded, it’s rewarding. It feels good to help others, and that’s immensely rewarding while being beneficial!
        I get it. xoox

        1. I’ve always treated it as “work” Stephanie–but I’ve never felt like I could say that out loud because the world sort of views blogging as a hobby. Unless, of course, it produces income.

          Thanks for reminding me that I can call it work because it’s rewarding and beneficial because it helps people.

  2. Well I don’t want you to disappear… at least say good bye. 🙂 I do want what is best for you and if that is absence here then by all means be absent. I do believe that in the balancing of all you have you just have to make those tough wise decisions. You don’t have to explain yourself. I am sure that the people who have read your blog over time would trust that you are doing that which would be most honoring to God and to those you love.
    Whatever that is Sandy pursue it…. and enjoy that journey.

  3. Sandy, I just got this blog in my email today and I need to tell you that it had to be inspired from our Heavenly Father. I have definitely needed to be reminded today that it’s ok to not do it all. Thanks!! I have loved reading your blog.

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