1. I love this, Sandy. I agree with every one of your steps — we are 5 years behind — but I nodded along in agreement with every one!
    have a wonderful anniversary, and cheers towards the next 21 years!

      1. 33

        I would say unknown, undiscussed and unmet expectations take a terrible toll. It takes work to work through those.

  2. This is such a great list. And I always felt a little guilty doing #8. No more guilt! It has saved us many a time.

    And the parenting and intentionality….so very, very true. We were supposed to go out to dinner tonight, but kid social schedules and limited younger kid care won out. But we talked it over and will carve out some time soon. I will add that sometimes, trying to make it all work is actually more stressful than just staying home and relaxing together. A balance, I suppose.

    Congrats on 21, we celebrate 16 next week! Where again, we will be at a kid outing, but you know what? As much fun as our wedding was, I think I will be more content and relaxed being in jeans and eating pizza with my favorite guy!

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