1. Sandy,
    Just had to say thanks for this post – God used it for me tonight. I'm very aware my husband and I are facing a battle moving forward with plans we whole heartedly believe God has called us to. We're facing several obstacles and I see satan in them all . . .especially with my outlook. I especially love the challenge you ended this post with – I plan to do that in my quiet time this next week. God bless.

  2. First of all the sound of isolation… seriously, you are me. I.am.too.much.

    Second, Romans 8:!. I quote it a million times daily to myself.

    Thirdly, that conversation at the beginning. Didn't we just have that convo last week? But I was the one confused, frustrated, tired?


  3. Sandy,
    Like a fresh rain on my parched, thirsty soul…I cannot begin to tell you how much these posts have spoken to my heart.

    Just the other night I was being tortured by thoughts of a perceived error at work. I heard messages of how incompetent I was, etc. Finally I realized that satan was behind it all because those messages wre accusations. I asked God in the name of Jesus to bind him right then and He did! I never had another thought as to my own stupidity. And…when I got to work the next day, I learned that I had not made a mistake at all!

  4. If we as Christians ever get to the place that we won't mention the precious name of JESUS in public(lawful or not)…we might as well tell the devil to move over and just go ahead and get in bed with him.

    Don't know why I put it that way…but that's the way I feel about it.

  5. Amber: Thank you for sharing that. Even as I post this stuff, I have doubts and fears that no one wants to hear about it and it's helping no one. Hmmmmm…I wonder where THOSE thoughts are coming from?

    Lisa: I love you, too, girl. Funny, when I shared the thing about being prone to isolate, I actually thought, "My readers are going to think I am such a freak." Instead, I find my sis-in-blog (SIB?) does the exact same thing. And yes, we did have that conversation. But I don't think I was smart enough to tell you the confusion wasn't from God…was I? I don't recall.

    Child of God: Oh, dear! Take cover!

    Lori: I just want to hug you. You have been such an encouragement during this little series.

    Covnitkepr1: No kidding. I'm totally with you.

    ET: You are an awesome mother and woman of God…I just wanted to tell you that.

    I've felt very confused lately coz I'm unsure of where God wants me to be/go but i have my faith that God wont disappoint. He'll come through i know it.
    I think number 5: Denial, leaves a lot to discuss. Yes SPIRITUALITY is popular. But i still dont think it's right to force our belief in God and Jesus on others but i ALSO dont think it's right to shut up and NOT tell people about your personal story with God.
    I've found people want to hear that personal touch instead of ONLY Biblical verses or facts as i say. Facts get boring if you cant apply it in your life (Gosh does ANY of this make sense? I feel as if I'm not makin sense but to myself).
    Anyway i hope you understand here Sandy. I can be confusing at times lol but nonetheless a great lesson filled post for i

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