1. I guess I don't stress about what I will eat on the holidays. It's also a matter of this is how I will eat for this one day, or maybe 3 days, as we will have 3 dinners to go to this year. However, that is NOT the norm, so I don't let myself get upset about it. Now, leading up to the big meal days, I tend to watch what I eat. And, I try to not have leftovers as they can get you in big trouble. I guess I figure it's not the holiday meal that makes me fat, it's all of the grazing and snacking that continues all through the holidays!

    As far as redefining family time, I will have to stick with meal time. My husband and I both work, and we work kind of opposite each other so that we are the primary caregivers of our children. Dinner is the one time that we are all together for an extended period of time, and we try to manage that a minimum of 5 days a week. In our family, the table is not the only time together around the meal. Everyone helps prepare, and everyone helps clean up. It makes it fun that way, and everyone gets an idea of what is going into the meal, and they are much more likely to eat whatever we're having if they had a hand in cooking it!

  2. Yes, the days work of preparing for Thanksgiving and the having the meal over in 20 minutes, THEN the huge clean-up has always driven me crazy!

    Thankfully, (pun intended) I have this year off. My only contribution is the desserts, which I'm happy to make. We are taking 3 different ones (I know, I know – and not a healthy one in the bunch), but my favorite part is that each child help choose 1 to make with me and then share at the family gathering. One of my daughters is making the pumpkin pies with me for the third year in a row, so I think that will be one of our traditions that "sticks."

    I LOVE the idea of focusing on family instead of food! As I fill my plate tomorrow (I know there will be SOME healthy choices!) I plan to focus on the joy of all of us being together.

    Now I need to go find some fun games to take as it will be too cold to get outside together!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Sandy. Your two blogs are on my thankful list:)


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