1. That was very hysterical.
    I so remember the jello box full of a goldfish body as we buried it in the ground giving the last 'goodbye'…oh my you hit my heart in such a funny way.
    (oh we also have the story about the black cat we buried with full funeral only have ours come home the same night). YES we did bury the wrong cat!!! someone's pet got a prime spot in our back yard.
    The things we do for our children…OR NOT.

  2. Oh my goodness, the above commenter buried the wrong cat! Too funny!

    We had gerbils for our girls…Our youngest accidentally smooshed hers with her knew while trying to catch it after it escaped. She was hysterical, but did not want a funeral as she just wanted it "gone."

    My oldest's gerbil died a few years later. My husband and I actually sang "Ding dong the gerbil's dead" when the darn thing finally died. But not in front of my daughter…

    We had to bury that one. Rather, Brent buried it, in the dark, under a tree…

    We are obviously bursting in sentimentality around this house.

    Hope Santa gets your letter and responds appropriately!

    Oh, and my word verification is sladd…Which I'm pretty sure is a perfect name for a bearded dragon!

  3. Sandy,

    When I saw what they looked like… I started praying that this animal does not make it to your house. Sorry but too ugly and way too scary!

    Merry and Happy!

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