1. I have eaten cookie dough for the past 3 days….but, I have kept up my workouts and am eating lots of veggies for dinner!

    This is a great list – now I need to go fill up my water glass and cross something off my to-do list! Thank you!

  2. Great post! I skipped supper in preparation for a Ladies' Book Club where we were eating our "favorite Christmas snacks." That was a mistake! I eat very little sugar as it makes me crash later, and all of those dips are enough to make me ill! Luckily, one lovely lady brought home made chicken noodle soup. Yum! I happily ate a bowl of that and just a few things from the other selections and actually felt pretty good, with no upset stomach the next day!

  3. Great tips. I love salads but struggle to eat them in the winter as we live in a "cold" state. I just have a hard time eating cold food when it's below freezing out!

    Trying to find some healthier warm foods. I've been eating soup and rice with chicken and beans but still don't think those are as good as I could get. 🙂

  4. I scratched Christmas cards for this year. It kept coming back to me, this feeling of, "Oh no! I still haven't gotten Christmas photo cards made! I'm running out of time." And finally I told myself STOP. In the grand scheme of life, this does not rate as an emergency. It's not urgent. It's not even really important. What IS important is that I figure out how to make supper more often as a working mom, because we've been eating way too much junk.

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