1. Wow, Sandy, this is great! I’ve been lax in a “bury my head in the sand” kind of a way. I truly believe my kids handle their devices well, but I need to be more aware. One of my co-workers was telling me about an app that sends all her kids texts to HER phone so she can peruse them all. Brilliant. Now I just need to follow up on getting that on my phone.

    I love your comparison to babyproofing. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that simple time – but at the time, we felt it was so hard. (Which is was, it just seems easy in hindsight:)

    Thank you for taking the time to write this and share. I’m still so confused on the Facebook thing for my 13 year-old….sigh.

    Let’s soldier on together, friend 🙂

    1. I’m thinking that app would just work if everyone has an iphone or something, wouldn’t it? I can’t see how a regular cell phone could send texts to another phone via an app. If you get details on this, let me know.

      I understand about burying your head in the sand. I’ve vacillate between being hyper-vigilent and refusing to pay attention. I’m finally finding the balance in this, realizing it isn’t going away and I need to stay on top of it for the sake of my kids.

      So glad I have like-minded moms to link arms with in this parenting journey. 🙂

  2. Sandy,

    I think contracts are good things. Anytime you explain expectations then I think it helps between anyone be they parent and child or husband and wife. I think with the internet it is making us be people who remember less and memorize less because everything is at our fingertips. Somehow I think that is bad and we better not lose the skill of memorizing stuff.

    Although our kids are grown I still like to emphasis that we should do stuff face to face or live on the phone. A lot is lost in texts.

  3. GREAT post Sandy! I’m not a parent so I’ve not really given much thought to this issue but your blog was very eye-opening for me. In fact, I’ve shared it on Pinterest and Facebook because I know sooo many who will benefit from your ideas. You and Jon are amazing people and amazing parents. I think the boundaries you’ve set in place are very in balance. Good job!

  4. Dear Sandy,

    GOOD for you and Jon! You must do what you need to do.
    As you know, I do not have children, but I’m thinking that if I did, I have to lock them in the house and never let them out… never! 🙂 OR I’d be the helicopter mom who micromanages the life out of them.
    In the end, your children will thank you for doing all of this…

    Cheers to you!

  5. Loved reading every last detail!
    Great to
    A) work through your rules together
    B) put them down in black and white for each kid to follow….

  6. This is a great post — super informative. I agree we need to base rules on who we are dealing with, not just by age and gender. We follow a lot of the same rules — my kids are younger and don’t have phones yet. We do have an iPad they share, which has no Safari on it. And now since iTunes radio has launched, we have had immense conversations about which music is appropriate. Because what you think might be safe, isn’t.

    And One Direction. Totally overtakes my running music mix.

  7. Great post! We have MANY of the same rules with our kids and their phones (almost all the same rules as your son, as our girls are also 12). We have no pads or laptops yet, but that will be coming soon because we just don’t have enough computers in our house for homework time!

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