1. Oh, closing those bedroom doors was a hard challenge for me. I’m glad you are staying strong and enjoying that laundry free time.
    PS I am impressed with the math equations from a communications major!

  2. Lawndry = TRUTH

    Except I eliminated a laundry life by:
    A. Refusing to do any child’s laundry older than 12. Which meant many, many weeks my daughter(s) wore stinky, dirty, stained, sweat-stiffened (or just the wrong) soccer uniform.
    –this didn’t actually work for girls learning laundry until my mom went 9 months without visiting… If mom won’t wash your clothes, ask Grandma.
    B. refusing to wash any clothes that were not in correct person’s basket placed in the laundry room or hall on laundry days (Monday& Wednesday). I gave each person a basket. I wash, dry & place back in basket. You fold, hang, put away. If the same laundry is there & hasn’t been worn, you learn to wash before 12!
    C. When all else fails, hire a maid who does laundry. Mine does about 12 loads a week :/ However, I don’t. 😀

  3. Your articles just crack me up. Honest to goodness girl, you can find humor in the most mundane things and make it almost exciting. Keep writing, we love you!

  4. My wife does laundry most everyday. Our family generates alot of laundry. Last year I did some math on how much laundry she had done since we had been married and we took her out to eat and celebrated her doing 25,000 loads of laundry. An average of about 2 loads a day is what she ends up doing. There is beauty in doing the mundane day after day.

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