Is the Voice in My Head God or Just Me? (Kindle)


Do the voices in your head have you spinning in circles? Do you want to do the right thing, but you aren’t sure what that is? How do you know God’s will for your life when your choices are not between “good and evil” but between “good and good”? How do you know if the voice in your head is God…or just you?


In this 8-lesson in-depth study of God’s word, you will consult and apply hundreds of Bible passages related to hearing God’s voice so you can…

  • See the different–and sometimes shocking–ways God spoke to His people throughout Scripture
  • Study the lives of Bible heroes like Noah, Moses, Elijah, David, and Daniel to discover why they heard God clearly and often (and so can you!)
  • Uncover the 5 Keys to Becoming a Good Listener
  • Discern the distinct characteristics of God’s voice so you can easily recognize every counterfeit
  • Learn to recognize the voice of the flesh and the voice of Satan so you can effectively silence each one
  • Understand why God is sometimes silent–and how His silence doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong

Includes questions for reflection, application, and discussion. Perfect for personal or group study.

Table of Contents


Lesson One: Created to Hear God

Lesson Two: How God Speaks

Lesson Three: Introducing the 5 Keys to Becoming a Good Listener (Cultivate a Growing Relationships with God, Saturate Your Mind With Scripture)

Lesson Four: The 5 Keys to Becoming a Good Listener, cont. (Integrate Periods of Solitude, Emulate a Spirit of Humility)

Lesson Five: The 5 Keys to Becoming a Good Listener, cont. (Demonstrate a Life of Obedience)

Lesson Six: The Inner Voice

Lesson Seven: The Other Voices

Lesson Eight: When God Speaks Through Other People

Conclusion: When God is Silent


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