Mom, You’re Amazing! And Other Things I Want to Tell You (Kindle)


In this collection of essays, Sandy Cooper draws from her 25-year parenting journey to guide moms with refreshing honesty and spiritual encouragement. With wisdom and wit (and also dark circles and battle scars), she offers insights and reflections on every stage of parenting, from infancy to young adulthood.



As moms in the trenches, we long for perspective. We need to know what matters, that we’re doing a good job, and that our kids will be okay. 

We need to hear from a veteran mom with street cred–someone with years of parenting experience under her belt and dark circles under her eyes. Battle scars are optional but appreciated.

We want her straight talk, but we prefer she delivers the difficult truths with empathy, humor, and hope. Most of all, we need her to point us to Jesus–the ultimate source of perspective. 

Mom, You’re Amazing: And Other Things I Want to Tell You is the book moms need. 


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