1. I just started a Beth Moore Bible study today with a group of friends on the book of Esther. It's interesting because nowhere in the book does the word "God" appear. Apparently no miracles or anything (I don't know anything about Esther so this is big news to me). It's all about having faith in God when He doesn't seem to be obviously present in your life. Interesting timing for me with your blog.

  2. Oh Sandy,
    I just love this!
    Thank you for re-posting it for newcomers like me to be blessed.
    I'm serious… this is perhaps the best all-around persuasive argument I have ever read or heard on this subject, and I've been around this stuff awhile. I love that you are so succinct!
    I'm so glad God is speaking all the time. This is not just a one time deal for special occasions, but we get to walk and talk with Him all day every day in a two-way conversation.
    Our God is sooo good!

  3. Hi Sandy ~ We (our ladies) are studying Experiencing God this year. I did it first about 12 years ago, and am remembering why I liked it so much. This week it stood out to me this exact principle that you mentioned here -when God spoke – people always recognized that it was HIM. Am pondering why I am so slow to recognize His voice sometimes. Keep on teaching, friend.


  4. I have much to say.
    God talks to me from everything, not only the Bible, sometimes from songs, books, magazines, movies, etc.
    In my experience God will reach out to you in whatever way He KNOWS will be most likely 2 get your attention eventually.
    I'm only a young fish and God talks to me. I'm nothing overly special, I'm not a prophet or someone of high class or status. I'm really a plain Jane from a small dorpie (=town). I hear him in my mind if that makes sense, most of the time quietly but what i cant explain is that it feels like his voice comes from my heart and my mind is the only thing that picks it up…….
    Sounds nuts but God likes peanuts lol
    There hasn't been one thing God hasn't used to talk to me. I probably hav the LONGEST list lol.
    I simply do just ask God to talk to me and He does. Kinda is just as simple as that really

  5. Jesus is always speaking it' us who aren't listening to HIM!
    I tell people if you discipline yourself and make time to be with Him and stay in His presence and worship and pray you will hear Him speaking.

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