1. I've run into the problem of being given a prophetic word that doesn't contradict the Bible, came from a trusted source, and gave me peace, yet was wrong. It's a hard place to be, and I'd like to avoid going there again. So please continue! 🙂

  2. I was thinking about this the other day. It's sometimes very hard to disern God's voice — cause my voice can sound quite convincing. Like you said, the devil does hate us. Look at how he twisted Scriptures with Jesus in the Wildnerness. And for me, there are times, when I would like an audible as I just don't get it. =)

    Then I think that if I got an audible, I would probably need CPR.

    Thank you for revisting earlier posts. I think it's always good to go back and refresh and remind.

  3. Very true yes! God talking to us is not only controversial, it gets more crazy coz God sounds different for all of us!!!
    But yes there is a difference between my own mind chatter and God for definite. God comes from my heart. The warmth is always there. Perhaps that is where the soul is situated i dont know?

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